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Underwater services:

Photo & Video Inspection - The divers of Lodge Environmental, Inc. are experienced in shooting useful images in research projects, damage assessments, and periodic maintenance inspections. Underwater camera, housing, lights, lenses and filters.

Survey - Obstruction: Bottom or Structure Bottom depth, contours and obstructions.

Salvage - Lift & Tow Find secure and lift objects or debris. Transport and recover or dispose. Vessel find, secure and lift, patch or fix and pump out for tow.

Search & Recovery - The divers of Lodge Environmental, Inc. can search for sunken vessels or smaller objects with our siding scanning sonar. We are skilled in small area search patterns with reels and lines, to large plotted grid patterns using G.P.S.

Please contact us today for your underwater salavage project, you may contact us by phone at 541-461-8001, or you are welcome to email us.


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